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Insert the stuffing loosely and gently into the figure, making sure it does not form lumps before it has been pushed into place. Pin the four green triangles on the backing square, with the folded edges on top, the centers even with the vertical and horizontal placement lines, and the points just meeting at the center. To cut each of the strips required for a project, place the ruler over the cut edge of the fabric, aligning desired marking on the ruler with the cut edge (Fig. 3); make the cut. Buy Hermes Bag Online. Now draw straight lines, all in the same direction, between diagonally opposite corners of each square. The slice line drawn to separate the two halves of the block always divides the foundation into two equal parts. Note that each snowman and penguin have been marked to show where to end them if they are to be used as a motif coming out of a box. Buy Hermes Bag Online.

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