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Hermes Replica AAA Handbag

Starting at the corner (piece 1) and going out toward each end provides a raw-edge-free surface at Point B for the application of flip-flop piece 13. Carefully pin the lining to the bag around the turned-under lop edges. Unless otherwise specified, your stitched seamline should be 1" longer than the printed line at each side, extending into an adjacent piece at each end. Hermes Replica AAA Handbag. Using the tade-away pen, draw a smaller oval inside the existing oval, 5mm away from it. Remove the pins, and with the deeper shade of thread, machine-quilt along the marked lines, lake out the basting. Complete the second leg of piece 10 by hand sewing, using the machine blind-hem (or zigzag) stitch, or fusing (pages 17-18). Hermes Replica AAA Handbag.

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