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Draw a line from Point B through Point C to mark the seamline for the second leg Remove the pins. Whether you eyeball it or precision cut it, be sure to trim only piece 7 and not the underlying piece 6. In most cases, however, it should be just fine, especially if the fused seams are reinforced in the quilting phase. Hermes Outlet Store In Wroclaw Poland. These stitches serve no other purpose than being decorative and it is important to keep them straight and even for the best effect. To make your quilting easier and more enjoyable, we encourage you to carefully read all of the general instructions, study the color photographs, and familiarize yourself with the individual project instructions before beginning a project. The wings are the same as used for the angels, see the instructions for wings on page 17 arid the wreath on page 18. Hermes Outlet Store In Wroclaw Poland.

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