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Hermes Kelly Crocodile Bags

The ear-muffs for the snowman on the box have been painted using a mix of lilac and white. Working in alphabetical order, position pit then pin or baste in place on background rectangles before appliqueing. I prefer the added strength of the sewn seams to be those radiating toward the center of each flower. Hermes Kelly Crocodile Bags. If the quilt is to be tied, a high-loft batting, sometimes called extraloft or fat batting, is a good choice. Sew binding strips together to make a continuous bias binding strip. Continue machine quilting, filling in one open area of the quilt before moving on to another area, locking thread again at end of each line of stitching by sewing 2 or 3 stitches in place and trimming thread ends. Hermes Kelly Crocodile Bags.

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