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Hermes Kelly Birkin Bag

Cut out two pieces measuring 21.5 x 60cm, for the upper part of the stocking and sew on to the foot pieces, see figure A. Those blocks could be enlarged or contracted as needed to make the final border the right size. Arrange the patches evenly around the blue right side, so that the outer edge of each is 1cm inner casing line, with the plaid patch on the outside pair. Hermes Kelly Birkin Bag. To make ironing easier, remove fabrics from dryer while they are slightly damp. Cut out two pieces in the bag fabric, two in the lining and two pieces in wadding. Flip-Flop Paper Piecing enables the quilter to quickly, accurately, and miraculously piece Birds in the Air on a single foundation, eliminating the miserable job of sewing together multiple foundations to complete just one block. Hermes Kelly Birkin Bag.

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