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Hermes Crocodile Briefcase

Co straight up from the Printed Side, where Points B and C are clearly visible, through to the unprinted Fabric Side. Glue die sticky pads to the back of the figure, and stick it on to the card so that it stands out. Join the long edge of the organza rectangle to the sfar silk in the same way. Hermes Crocodile Briefcase. Sew the first leg from the Printed Side, then sew or fuse the second leg from the unprinted Fabric Side (pages 17-18). Look at the picture of the motif of your choice, and see where the frosting has been added to the figures. Right sides together and raw edges even, pin the sides to the front along the side edges, and machine-stileh 1.5cm seams, leaving the bottom 1.5cm of the seams unstitched. Hermes Crocodile Briefcase.

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