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Hermes Croc Birkin Sale

Now-fold the two lop corners (on the folded edge) down to the center of the unfolded edge, and press. Fold the comer of the seam allowance at Point B diagonally and press. Some of the presents have been painted using the light blue background colour that has been used for the boxes, and others along with the ear-muffs have been painted in a slightly darker version of the tray’s background colour. Hermes Croc Birkin Sale. Press open the seam allowance Sew pieces 1-5 as you would in traditional foundation piecing (pages 9-10). The Christmas hangings have been quilted along the edges of the background, and these stitches go through all the layers. It is treated with a protective coating to stabilize the fibers and to reduce “bearding,” a process in which batting fibers work their way out through the quilt fabrics. Hermes Croc Birkin Sale.

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