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Hermes Black Briefcase

Draw a line from Point B through Point C to mark the seamline for the second leg Be sure to use a marker that is washable and incapable of being heat set by an iron. Maybe it's just my hands, but I find blocks easier to pin and sew together without the foundation paper in the seam allowances. Note that the straight edge of the pattern is placed on the fold of the fabric, see figure A. Hermes Black Briefcase. After removing selvages, place ruler over left edge of fabric, aligning desired marking on ruler with cut edge of fabric. Trimmings provide the finishing touch lo many a stylish bag, so lake inspiration from the wide range of buttons, sequins, beads, seed pearls, ribbons, rickracks, braids, fringes, anti tassels that are available today. Right sides together and raw edges even, pin the front to the back along the top edge, matching the stripes. Hermes Black Briefcase.

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