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Hermes Birkin 40cm White

To make ironing easier, remove fabrics from dryer while they are slightly damp. Trace the bottom part of the stocking following the pattern, matching AA to BB and adding about 27cm (11 in) to the length, see figure A. Trim each seam allowance as you progress from step to step in Flip-Flop Foundation Piecing, just as you would in traditional foundation piecing (pages 9-10). Hermes Birkin 40cm White. In drafting a block with the From Outside In type of construction, do not make the center flip-flop piece any narrower than 'A". Repeal to stitch the two small pale squares on either side of the small contrasting rectangle, and stitch this to the bollom of the pieced section to complete the piecing of the from. To add side borders, measure across center of quilt top to determine length of borders (Fig. 20). Hermes Birkin 40cm White.

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