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Add decorative stitches around the stocking using embroidery yarn, starting and finishing underneath the fold. Whichever option you choose, press flip-flop piece 10 and then secure it into its final position—a thing of beauty in a world that needs all the beauty it can get. To choose marking tools, take all these factors into consideration and test different markers on scrap fabric until you find the one that gives the desired result. Hermes Bags Melbourne. Pin one piece in the first color down the center from scam of the patchwork and the other in this color down the center back seam. The following are examples of different types of paper, with varying degrees of perfection: Regular photocopy or computer paper: I use this paper most often, because it is inexpensive, readily available, and holds together with heavy handling. Only a touch of blue is needed to make this very pale blue shade. Hermes Bags Melbourne.

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