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You may choose embroidery floss colors that closely match the fabric you are working on, such as white floss on a white border, or contrasting colors may be used. Referring to Fig. 30, rock the needle up and down, taking 3-6 stitches before bringing the needle and thread completely through the layers. Matching wrong sides and raw edges, press bias strip in half lengthwise to complete binding. Hermes Bags Exact Replica. To square up selvage ends of a strip before cutting pieces, refer to Fig.4 and place folded strip on mat with selvage ends to your right. What I desperately needed was a new method of foundation piecing, one that could give me a wide variety of blocks, while using only one foundation as the base for each block. Always use starch or spray sizing while pressing your fabric before you cut it. Hermes Bags Exact Replica.

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