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No easy task, that is, unless you Flip-Flop Paper Piece the block. The key to Flip-Flop Paper Piecing is the use of both sides of every foundation the Printed Side of the foundation, on which the block is drawn, and the unprinted fabric Side on which the fabric is placed This book begins by explaining the construction of a block that illustrates that basic concept. Make a gingerbread man as described on page 58, and a small heart as described on page 27. Hermes Bags Europe. Use decorative thread, such as a metallic or contrasting-colored general-purpose thread, when you want the quilting lines to stand out more. Join the remaining side edges of the sides to the back in the same way. When stitching, match the color of thread to the color of applique to disguise your stitches. Hermes Bags Europe.

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