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To make a circular paper pattern, cut out a 56cm square of paper and fold it into fourths. It has two legs: The leg highlighted in green is sewn first on the Printed Side, stopping precisely at Point B. Trim the seam allowance for this newly marked seam to approximately Be sure to trim only piece 13 and not any underlying fabric Press the seam allowance along the marked chalk line. Hermes Stores In Rome Italy. If using 2" w binding (finished size 72"), trim backing and batting a scant 74" larger than quilt top so that batting and backing will fill the binding when it is folded over to the quilt backing. Turn down the seam allowance at the top of the skirt (without any tape) and then turn the skirt right side out. Because you will be working in reverse, it is amazingly easy to sew the wrong fabric onto a numbered space. Hermes Stores In Rome Italy.

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