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Insert needle into background fabric at 4, even with edge of applique and directly across from 3. Machine quilters will want to choose a low-loft batting that is all cotton or a cotton/polyester blend because the cotton helps “grip” the layers of the quilt. Arrange the patches evenly around the blue right side, so that the outer edge of each is 1cm inner casing line, with the plaid patch on the outside pair. Hermes Outlet Store In Switzerland Online. Matching right sides and raw edges and leaving an opening for turning, sew flower pieces (L) together. Fold the white cotton in half and trace the patterns for the body, arms and legs. Now make a frame for it by pinning lengths of one ribbon on either side and lengths of a second ribbon at the top and bottom, so that all the ribbons just cover the raw edges of the polka-dot square. Hermes Outlet Store In Switzerland Online.

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