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Hermes Outlet Belt

Center the largest circle over the fra the folded-star motif, and pin the circle to the motifl around it, trimming off the outer points of the last roui triangles. Sew flip-flop pieces 20-26 exactly as you sewed piece 19 (Steps 10-11). Unless otherwise specified, your stitched seamline should be K' longer than the printed line at each side, extending into an adjacent piece at each end. Hermes Outlet Belt. It is no easy task to make all the little triangles in these blocks the same size, the same angle, and all sharply defined with no cut-off points and no floating points. Use this method if you donít mind seeing the stitching or if the handle or carrier is quite narrow. Trim off all the previously produced seam allowances underneath piece 4. Hermes Outlet Belt.

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