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Hermes Kelly Wallet Replica

Press into position both sides of 6s, each of which will form a star tip later. When the block is complete, trim each block's outside seam allowance to 'A". Cut the cord in half, attach a safety pin to one end, and thread it through one buttonhole, around the casing and out of the same buttonhole. Hermes Kelly Wallet Replica. To make your quilting easier and more enjoyable, we encourage you to carefully read all of the general instructions, study the color photographs, and familiarize yourself with the individual project instructions before beginning a project. Sew the first leg from the Printed Side, then sew or fuse the second leg from the unprinted Fabric Side (pages 17-18). Turn the dress right sides out and tuck in the seam allowance around the neckline. Hermes Kelly Wallet Replica.

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