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Place the two fabric stocking parts with lining, right sides together and place the wadding on the wrong side of the fabric. In addition, as you foundation piece the triangles of this block, note that pieces 14 and 15 are positioned in a different direction than all the others. For pieces 6s-9s, cut 1 strip from each of 2 fabrics (3" x 12" for the 6" block and 1 x 7" for the 254 block). Hermes Handbag Website. Go straight up from the Printed Side through to the unprinted Fabric Side. The yardage requirements listed for each project are based on 45" wide fabric with a “usable” width of 42" after shrinkage and trimming selvages. All the hats are pulled well down on the heads and stitched to hold the hair in position as described on page 7. Hermes Handbag Website.

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