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Hermes Black Leather Shoulder Bag

Using the fade-away pen, mark a line around the bag 3cm down from the top edge, and a second line 2cm further down—these should run through the lop and boiiotn ol the buttonholes made in Step 4. Next, sew or fuse the red leg from the Fabric Side The earliest steps in a flip-flop paper-pieced block may sometimes appear to be the same as those in traditional foundation piecing but may actually differ slightly in construction. The following block, a variation of the traditional jewel block, has four Y’s for an extra-special Y-seam workout. Hermes Black Leather Shoulder Bag. Embroider your name, the date, and any additional information on the quilt top or backing. Place one of the rectangles wrong side up, fold down 5mm along one long edge, and press. Cut a strip of tea towel or fabric about 10cm (4in) wide, and glue the wrong side to the inside of the tin. Hermes Black Leather Shoulder Bag.

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