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Unless otherwise specified, your stitched seamline should be 2" longer than the printed line at each side, extending into an adjacent piece at each end. Glue the holly leaves direcdy on to the card, and fix the parcel using sticky pads. Maybe it's just my hands, but I find blocks easier to pin and sew together without the foundation paper in the seam allowances. Hermes Birkin Bags Buy. If you are a master paper piecer, feel free to skip the "Traditional Foundation Piecing’ section of this chapter (page 9). Sew 1 Beehive Block and 1 reverse Beehive Block to each Flower Block to make Unit 5 and Unit 6. Whiten the tea cosy snowman needs a rest, he is happy to hang on a hook, as he does not want to get in anybody's way. Hermes Birkin Bags Buy.

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