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Sew pieced sashing strip and sashing strip No 39 to the bottom of the block to make Unit 2. The snow angels for the garland have theh arms, stitched to the back of their bodies so that diey stick out on both sides. In addition, as you foundation piece the triangles of this block, note that pieces 14 and 15 are positioned in a different direction than all the others. Hermes Belt Women Sale. This block introduces the concept of combining simple applique with piecing In this example, a set of handles is sewn to piece 1 before adding pieces 2-5, which cover the raw ends. Fill the pots with blocks of oasis before gluing the figure(s) on top. On page 7 you can read more about the decorative stitches that have been used on some of the clothes. Hermes Belt Women Sale.

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